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Fusion Biz Babes launched in 2016 after Founder, Ashley Matkovic, felt disillusioned with the business networking scene, but also strongly believed that connecting with likeminded individuals was the key to success.

Ash had a vision to create a welcoming + fun experience for driven women to meet + connect, where the main focus was supporting and motivating each other, rather than making a quick sale.

Fusion Biz Babes was purposefully built around 3 key values:

In business, we believe connecting with likeminded individuals is KEY to success.  First + foremost we place this at the core of everything we do at Fusion.

We are for cutting through the small talk, and getting REAL.  We are for building friendships BEFORE handing over a business card.

The definition of happiness, is continuous growth.  By creating epic event experiences and an engaged online community , we strive to facilitate growth + motivation for the businesswomen of Perth.

Who are the Fusion Biz Babes?

💞 We are driven + ambitious… but understand there is more than enough success for everyone to go around and would never drag anyone down to get ahead

💞 We believe success is loving what you do every day… and having people who truly “get it” to share that success with

💞 We are BUSY, we also have mile-long to do lists like you, some of us still have day jobs, kids, partners, an attempt at a social life 🤪 …but we CHOOSE to make plans.. not excuses.

💞 We’d prefer have conversations about BHAGs.. rather than what Felicia down the street did last night 🙀 #byefelicia

💞 We love our wine + coffee… but equally value self-care, health + wellness

💞 We are each others sounding board, cheer squad, shoulder to cry on, and brains trust… welcome to the Fusion fam.

Sound like you!? Come join us!

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If you are a budding entrepreneur, a small business superstar, a corporate leader, consultant, or simply just looking to surround yourself with forward thinkers, then welcome home… you belong here.

Lift your game, get known, and build your network (and net-worth) FAST


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 “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

~ Jim Rohn ~

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.. that’s why we recommend it daily.”

~ Zig Ziglar ~