Ashley Matkovic is the owner of Fusion Biz Babes and the creator of The Fusion Membership.

Her vision is to create a business community where REAL connections and friendships reign supreme.  To build Fusion Biz Babes into a household-name platform in Perth, for entrepreneurial ladies who want more for themselves, and who want to do it beside a tribe of like-minded women.

Being a natural born introvert, a big part of starting her own events was to create a warm + welcoming experience for her guests, to eliminate the awkward moments that a networking event can sometimes bring, and make it easy and FUN to make new connections in Perth.

Ash attributes much of her success to her support network of other ambitious ladies. They lifted her up a level and showed her what was possible – if they were achieving amazing things, so could she.

That is the power of surrounding yourself with the right people. 

She is committed to finding + connecting the ambitious women of Perth, to build an exclusive power community where the absolute BEST come together online and in person.

Freedom makes Ash happy, and Fusion allows her to live life on her terms every day, after quitting her day job to focus solely on the business in 2017.

Ash’s achievements since launching Fusion:


⭐️ Hosted countless events + catch ups, connecting thousands of women

⭐️ Hosted Lisa Messenger whilst she was in Perth (Feb 2018)

⭐️ Been offered her own Radio Show!  Raw Ambition on Boss Mode Radio

⭐️Launched The Fusion Membership, which.. as of June 2018
now has over 140 amazing members #thefusionfam

⭐️ Quit her full time job in October 2017 to focus on the business

None of this would have been possible without her tribe pushing her to be better, go further, never QUIT.

So if you are an ambitious woman with a few BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) of your own – what are you waiting for!

Come and meet Ash and the Fusion fam in The Fusion Membership.

If you would like to find out more about Ash, you can check out this recent interview where she is interviewed by Lanna Hill on why she started Fusion, and her vision for the business + her life personally:



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