About Our Events

Every single Fusion Biz Babes event is designed to make our guests feel comfortable + welcome as soon as they step in the door.  Our mission is to show you how FUN networking can actually be!

If you walk out of an event feeling like you were just a number, or that you didn’t have one real conversation… then we have failed.

We get that it can be daunting to walk into an event – hell, it’s even scary to walk into a friends birthday party – let alone an event where you don’t know a single person!

The whole reason why Fusion exists is because Founder, Ash, personally hated networking events.  But she knew the value that connecting with other ambitious people like herself, could bring to both her life and business.

But c’mon… no-one likes walking into a room and having a million business cards thrown at them, stuck in boring small talk, and leaving feeling like they’ve lost 3 hours of their life that they’ll never get back!

That’s the old way of networking #byefelicia

Ash knew there was a better way it could be done.  So she did it!



When you put your trust in us by buying a ticket to come to an event, we promise to:

  • Make you feel like you “belong” there
  • Introduce you to amazing ladies (just like you) who actually want to get to know you, not just sell you their sh*t
  • Drive real conversations, over boring small talk
  • Send you off with new friends, and bursting motivation to make things happen



We are currently focusing on curating event experiences for our valued members.  Every now and then we open up events for non-members to attend.  Make sure you sign up to our mailing list below to receive exclusive invites 👇



I loved the concept from beginning to end and I felt there was such a positive atmosphere from all the ladies

Claire – Ello Consultants


It was inspiring, motivating and overwhelming all at once and I feel super psyched for this week to begin! I am so glad I was part of this.
Rach – Small Journey’s


So much inspiration in the room from other #bossbabes and Lanna killed it to get everyone motivated for their future… all before 10am!

Simone – Pure Luxe Candle Co


What a morning it was! We loved listening to Lanna – so many a-ha moments – thank you ladies for coming together and creating such a wonderful VIP experience for us!

Alda – Elle et Lui Designer Shoes


Thank you so much – it was lovely to meet so many gorgeous ladies with exciting business ventures
Megan – Freestone McCaw Designs


Fabulous event! I loved it and met the most amazing people! Looking forward to the next event already

Vanessa – Arbonne


I just wanted to thank you again for such a great morning and event! You did such a wonderful job with it all and the slideshow was such a good idea! I definitely look forward to the next event.

Jess – Defy Imaging


Thank you for a fabulous #girlboss breakfast! Feeling inspired to continue creating & developing ideas into a business xoxo

Natalie – My Closet


What a great group of women taking on the world with there ideas, creativity & passion!!

Cheryl – Luminous Hair Lounge