Yesterday I lost my mojo

Yesterday I lost my mojo, but today I got it back 10X

Have you ever noticed that? After a low comes a high? Weird isn’t it.

I know this yoyo effect so well now, since being self-employed and working from home for the past 9 months. One of the best perks of working for yourself is undoubtedly being able to have a nap at 2pm on a Monday cos you’re just not feelin it.

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The Fusion Journey // pivots + all

When you first started your biz, was your WHY or HOW different to what it is today?

MINE IS! 🙋🏻‍♀️…and I’m totally ok with that…

Because it has got me where I am today – 311% growth in my biz this year alone; and allowed me to QUIT my day J.O.B and live a wicked life.

I’m not shy in talking about how many times my business has pivoted, to get where it is today:

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Shop Local: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas // by Perth Biz Babes

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance”

TRUTH!  🙌🏻 Why buy from the big guys, when you can buy local and support a dream!

To assist you to shop local this Mother’s Day, I have put together a list of these gorgeous gift ideas that the Fusion Biz Babe members put their blood, sweat and tears into.

We give up our TV time, and our cushy jobs with comfy pay checks,  and sometimes our weekends to create these products and services from the heart.

And we thank you, for simultaneously supporting our dreams, whilst treating your mum 🙏🏻

👇 Happy shopping! 👇

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6 Ways to Get Stuff Done Without Burning Out

An article by Kristi Less // Health Detective + Wellness Coach

If there’s one thing I know how to do well, it’s burn myself out. For better or for worse, I’m kind of a pro. Pedal to the metal with a one-track mind till the job is done, and even when the job is done, I’m still going. And I know I’m not the only one guilty of this (yes biz babe, I’m looking at you).

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18 Perth Biz Babes You Need to Know About

This article is an ode to the members who have been with Fusion Biz Babes since day one – exactly ONE year ago!  They have stuck around through the pivots & changes the membership has gone through, to get to the epic place it is in today – a FUN support and motivational network for Perth’s high-vibe entrepreneurs and leaders.

The Fusion Membership turned ONE on 25th March 2018. Happy birthday to us!

In the past year many lifelong friendships, and amazing collaborations have been formed in the membership 👯

We have celebrated countless WINS together, VENTED about our challenging days, attended many EVENTS together, and shared countless LAUGHS over litres of COFFEE and WINE.

We now have over 80 members, and have a strong growth strategy, whilst continuing to celebrate our current members, and hold authenticity, genuine friendships, and making networking FUN as top priority.

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A Powerful Marketing Strategy for Start-Up Biz Babes

Is your marketing budget less than your daily coffee budget?

It’s all good don’t stress!  And DEFINITELY DO NOT under any circumstances cut your coffee budget 😂🙅 #coffeeislife

Instead, I want to share a marketing strategy that has the potential to have clients and customers knocking at your door, without breaking the bank… or having to forego caffeine.

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Lisa Messenger speaks for Fusion Biz Babes

Photo Credits: Defy Imaging

For all photos of the evening CLICK HERE

When Lisa Messenger hits Perth for the first time in years, one does not simply pass up the opportunity to see her speak!

Well.. 94 of Perth’s most influential entrepreneurial women certainly didn’t!

On Thursday 8th Feb, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to host Lisa for the Fusion Biz Babes community. A total bucket list item for me.

Lisa was on my hit list for speakers, but I was thinking maybe in 3 or so years. It just goes to show that Lisa’s philosophy in her new book PURPOSE that “once you find your WHY, the HOW will look after itself” is 100% on point.

And when opportunities come your way you have to be ready to POUNCE! And pounce I did 😉

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[CASE STUDY] Erica’s Business Mindset Shift from Negative-Nancy to “I GOT THIS!”

Do you struggle with staying in a positive mindset for your business?

It can be an absolute minefield – one minute you’re on cloud nine as you just made a big sale, and literally a few hours later you come crashing down to reality as the fear & negative self-talk starts creeping in.

Starting your own business is the best personal development journey you can ever embark on.  It’s not easy, but boy can it be rewarding!

That’s why it is a MUST to continuously find a way to get on top of that negative self-talk.  If you let it take over, it can be de-motivating and lead to stopping you in your tracks.  But the world needs your talent!

Our Biz Babe member, Erica – owner of Baked by Erica – knows firsthand that the struggle is real. This case study will show how her cookie empire had blossomed since finding ways to combat that negative Nancy inside her head, and transform her attitude to “I can do it” and “I got this!”  As well as her “Shameless By Erica” tour which has led to brilliant opportunities to expand her business.

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[CASE STUDY] How Vanessa Went From Tired & Uninspired to Running Her Own Marketing Consulting Business

Do you feel tired and uninspired in the day-to-day running of your business?

Sometimes it can be very lonely, with no-one to talk to who truly understands how we’re feeling.  After all, we chose to start this business, if we start complaining to family and friends they won’t get it.

One of our Biz Babe members, Vanessa had just returned to work after taking a year off to have a baby, and was feeling tired and uninspired at work.  This case study will document her journey from feeling tired and uninspired, to now running her own successful marketing consultancy – Vivacity Marketing – including the role that Fusion Biz Babes played in Vanessa’s transformation.

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