• Fusion Biz Babes has definitely helped me to feel less alone in my realisation that working from home and building a business from scratch is not as glamorous as it’s made out to be! Very grateful for the membership and the honesty.

  • Absolutely hated “networking” events before joining the biz babe tribe. Now I really look forward to every event and catching up with everyone 😍

  • I just wanted to say I am loving being part of this group. Although I have only made it to one members brekkie and no other events since joining recently (two small kids and fifo hubby away a month at a time = less socialising for mum 😕), I enjoy the interaction of this facebook group. Various posts have inspired me and lately while feeling the mum guilts of working and the struggle with work/life balance, the awesome biz babes of this group spur me on with their posts and support and encouragement to others. Thanks Ashley for creating this group.

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me since joining fusion. My biz has expanded so much since joining. I never ever imagined that was going to happen for me nor had any expectations that it would. I just genuinely wanted to connect with likeminded biz women in Perth who are going through the same journey, and my biz is flourishing because of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do 😘 plus I have made so many incredibly kind, caring, hilariously fun friends ❤️ it is just amazing!!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed my first Fusion Biz Babes brekkie – such a warm, welcoming group of entrepreneurial wonder women.

  • I met Ash through her networking group and have been blown away by the support from other local women in business.  Fusion Bizbabes is full of good vibes, high energy and the best bunch of chicks in business you will come across.  If you are starting out, or even established in your business and are looking for like-minded women to bounce off, I highly recommend checking out the Bizbabe lounge.

  • Ash is heading up one of the best business networking communities I have come across in my many years in business. If you are looking for a genuine group of fellow hustlers to share the ride with, look no further.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for setting up Fusion Biz Babes. It’s so lovely to meet up with other genuine passionate biz ladies and talk all things marketing, Instagram and Facebook ads.  Cos let’s face it they get it!  When I’m talking big vision biz stuff with my hubby he just stares blankly and then eventually says yeah you’re talking a different language. 🤯  And these ladies understand my language LOL😂

  • I just want to reiterate how wonderful my first event was… I’m usually a bit uncomfortable at these things, especially going alone for the first time, but I felt welcome as soon as I walked in the door! It’s very inclusive and authentic

  • Thank you so so much for creating a space for like minded women

    So many beautiful women work online and it can feel isolating sometimes….. absolutely love how you have created this space for women to share & connect.

    I personally have been to a few networking events before and always felt like their was something missing….thank you Ashley for all your hard work and I’m not sure what it was like before, but as we know, to go to the next level, you must ‘pivot’ ….. thank you for having the courage to pivot and here’s to a magical 2018…..can’t wait for the next one

  • Thank you for organising such a great event last night. Feeling a bit nervous prior to coming as I didn’t know anyone, however like Lisa said last night get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, and  as soon as I walked in the room it was  full of positive vibes and women wanting to support other women.

    I’m so glad I made the decision to become a member as this is exactly where I needed to be. Being solo in my business sometimes it can get tough and self-doubt can creep in. It’s comforting to know that other women feel the same thing too.

    Once again thank you for welcoming me in with open arms and look forward to the next event.

  • Great event last night! I left feeling inspired and grateful to have discovered this network of women.

  • Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Fusion Biz Babe event at Hopscotch in South Perth.  An intimate dinner with amazing business women who are doing brilliant things in their industries.  I am full of motivation and inspiration today, thank you so much Ash from @fusionbizbabes for organising and bringing us all together

  • Wow! Thank you so much for the Fusion Biz Babes event this morning! It truly was the best business meeting event (see how I’m not calling it networking) I’ve ever been to.

    The speakers were amazing too, I’ve taken away lots of implementable pieces of gold.

    Definitely count me in for the next one.

  • What a fabulous and inspirational brunch this morning with @fusionbizbabes at Rochelle Adonis. The guest speakers were great and I have definitely taken a lot on board ! Thank you

  • Amazing breakfast this morning with @fusionbizbabes being inspired by other business women on working through your fear of rejection and time management! So many gorgeous women making a difference in Perth.

  • It was a fantastic morning! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for Fusion Biz Babes and this amazing community you’ve created! Loved the tips and insights received from Kerrie and Anthea

  • “You are seriously behind the turning point for me and my business and I can’t thank you enough…”

    “Thank you so much again for such a wonderful event yesterday – I’m definitely hooked!”

    “Thank YOU for putting on such a well-run and well organised event – you definitely know what you’re doing and it shows…”


  • What a fantastic morning at the Fusion Biz Babes #girlboss brekkie on the weekend! I had so much fun chatting to amazing ladies in business and learning some practical advice from speakers Brooke and Arabelle. Wonderful company was had and I can’t wait for the next one

  • Such an inspiring morning @fusionbizbabes thank you for such a wonderful event supporting, encouraging and connecting all the incredible Perth Girl Bosses – loved it!!

  • THANK YOU to the amazing Fusion Biz Babes for a fantastic Girl Boss Brekkie at Rochelle Adonis! SHOUT OUT to the super talented Brooke at Villa Management for inspiring me to get on top of my social media plan this fine Monday.

  • Amazing morning surrounded by inspiring and driven women. The future is bright, full of dreamers, action takers and #girlbosses. Step out of the dark and into your spotlight. Thank you Fusion Biz Babes!

  • I feel so empowered! I’m totally ready to take Fight against Fat up a notch. I’ve been pondering on my ideas for too long and I feel now it’s time to make my dreams a reality. It won’t happen overnight but I’m going to make it happen… #inspired

  • OMG I loved yesterday thank you so much! It was great mingling after and my table was so much fun.

    I have already booked an appointment with Kyla to come and do a house visit to see my baby’s eating habits!

    And also I am going to do the Fire and Flow Instructor Training with Chavon so a great morning all in all.

  • So great being uplifted and rejuvenated by the powerful forces behind Perth #girlbosses

  • So much good energy / vibrations in the room. I came home fully inspired

  • The Girl Boss Brekkie was amazing! I really enjoyed it, the venue and food were fantastic and it was great to see so many supporting & inspirational women in one room.

  • Thanks for organizing such a great event – look forward to attending more! I got a lot out of it – so thank you – it was a great format with lots of inspiring words from all speakers

  • Thanks for organizing such a lovely night!!  So relaxed and natural with great inspiring convos and meeting other biz babes plus all that delish food!  Will def be coming again and recommending.